YABA LCDA INAUGURATES ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS…… Council boss charges them not to extort money from the public.

Another historical landmark was recorded at Yaba LCDA as the Executive Chairman; Hon. AbdulRaheem Olajide Jimoh inaugurated members of the Environmental Defenders on Tuesday 13th of March 2012.

The Chairman said the idea of inaugurating the environmental defenders was to make Yaba more environment friendly to the people and ensure that the people maintain a clean and hygienic environment. The Chairman in his speech warned the members not to embarrass the government by extorting money from members of the public.

The Chairman said they were inaugurated to complement the Lagos State Government on keeping and maintaining a conducive and friendly environment devoid of filth and shanties.

‘You are not to molest, embarrass, arrest or extort money from anybody’. the Chairman said. He then performed the official inauguration of the Yaba environmental defenders

The occasion was attended by Leaders of the party, the members of the legislative arm, the executive and management team, the Bale of Iwaya Chief Murtala Oloko, iyaloja of Yaba, CDC members and party faithful.


Hon. Jide Jimoh & Alhaji Tunde Ojikutu               Jide Jimoh, Tunde Ojikutu & Bola Lawal Olumegbon


Chief Murtala Oloko, Bale of Iwaya                      Traditional praise singers at the Inauguration


Otunba Oyemade & Hon Jide Jimoh                                   Hon Jide Jimoh  at the occasion


Hon Jide Jimoh                                                       Hon. Bola Olumegbon-Lawal & Hon Jide Jimoh


cross section of dignitaries at the high table during the inauguration


S L G during his welcome address                              Hon. Jide Jimoh during his speech making


Members of the environmental defenders filling out for inauguration


Members of environmental defenders during their parade after Inauguration


Members of the newly inaugurated environmental defenders during their parade


Members of environmental defenders at the inauguration


Exec. Chairman & other dignitaries in a group photograph with environmental defenders.


The Chairman and Otunbe Oyemade                                cross section of people at the occasion

















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9 Comments for “YABA LCDA INAUGURATES ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS…… Council boss charges them not to extort money from the public.”

  1. Folusho

    This man is full of ideas and vision with mission. I am not surprise, jide jimoh was trained by late dapo bode-Thomas and as asiwaju bola Ahmed tinubu. God bless u.

  2. Emmanuel

    Good health and energetic nature of human is a function of environment cleanness. The new team launched is a signal to strengthen our various communities on environmental consciousness. Thanks for your thinking Hon. Jide Jimoh

  3. Kehinde

    Environmental team should endeavor to adhered to the directive of the council Chairman, not to extort money from people or tuning this to a source of revenue for their selfish interest. If there is continuity is governance on the legacy laid by Yaba council Chairman, millennium vision would be accomplished in a record time. Yaba residents appreciate your work Hon. Jide Jimoh

  4. Anslem

    @ Kehinde The people should also endeavor to cooperate with the environmental team to move YABA forward. I believe check and balancing need to be in-placed. Yaba o nibaje oooo……

  5. Toyin

    Transformation without transparency equals zero. Team should be proactive and develop zero tolerance for corruption, this will go a long way towards the real establishment of the amiable Chairman.

  6. Sarah Abogun

    @ Toyin good talk. Environmental defenders team should transform our environment to the best and not bias in their respective duties. Residents should also endeavor to keep their environment tidy and sparkling, this will improve our health status against bacterial and other related diseases. Thank you Mr. Chairman on this development in improving social welfare of the people. Bless you.

  7. The Renaissance Group

    Hon.Olajide Jimoh,thank you for this great ideas.We think that private sector should come in to assist in the area of training,environmental tools,kits,seminar and workshop e.t.c because a better environment we lead to National Development.Thank you and stay bless

  8. Yaba Youths for Good Governance

    Democracy at work in Yaba L.C.D.A,the youths involvement in your government through your various empowerment programs,employment opportunity and creation of various boards in your government is a welcome development.YABA YOUTHS SAY THANK YOU………

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