The Rebirth Of Yaba LCDA Secretariat

If you have not visited the headquarters of Yaba LCDA in the last nine months there’s a tendency that you might need a tour guide to take you round because it will be difficult locating your destination in and around the LCDA,this is due to a magical revolution that has taken place.

On assumption of office, the Executive Chairman Yaba LCDA, Hon.Jide Jimoh was displeased with the sorrow state of infrastructures and filthy atmosphere pervading the seat of government,it was so despicable and dirty that it was hard to believe, no single office could be pointed to as been good enough to function.

True to his charismatic nature, the Chairman immediately got on top of the situation ,took inventory of offices,infrastructure,office equipments and sundry needs of the LCDA.

Right from the entrance and the adjourning walls which now wears a beautiful look with flowers planted,the official symbol of the government,the flag pole with all relevant flags hoisted.

All offices in the LCDA have been uniformly painted,the parking lot has been lined and a more decent management structure has been evolved in running the parks and users of the parking lot have given thumb up to the new and efficient system.

The hitherto non functional fountain has been reactivated and its sprinkling effect has added a sense value to the entire face of the secretariat.

To give further boost to its look,the old, amorphous and the shanty been used as a restaurant has been demolished while food vendors have been moved to a more decent part of the council.

The existing marriage registry has been given a befitting look but to give the registry a distinct attention a new purpose built registry has recently been constructed close to the Chairman’s office with needed office blocks and equipment.

Directly facing the entrance of the LCDA is the police post, in the past several ugly tales ranging from lack of water,non functional electrical gadgets,dilapidated walls,non availability of office equipments and acute shortage of furniture has been the lot of the police post but courtesy of the listening chairman, their woes has been turned to joy.This has really impacted positively on their morale’s leading to increased productivity from officers and men of the Nigerian police attached to Yaba LCDA.

The turnaround and beautification of the offices of principal officers of Yaba LCDA,can be likened to a magical revolution,this so because it could better be imagined, that of all exiting structures none could pass for a decent working environment.

The principal officers whose offices were refurbished includes the Executive Chairman.Its profoundly astonishing that the office could come glittering to the admiration of all going by what The Chairman met on ground in given a thorough appraisal to the level at which the office is now, one could not help give thump up and give kudos to the insightful quality of the Chairman.

The office the chairman as refurbished has three major segments,namely open and seating area, a mini conference room and an ante room.New office and equipments have been purchased with virtually all areas around Chairman’s office glittering.

Another area were extensive work has been perfected is the office of the Council Manager, the extent of work done is so detailed that his peers in other LCDA and local Government Areas are using his as a benchmark and prototype for the office befitting Council Manager .

Other offices that have given extensive renovation to the admiration of all includes the office of the Council Treasurer,office of the Council Engineer, Office of the Human Resource Officer.All department under the department of health,office of the Vice Chairman,Offices of all the Supervisors ,Offices of The Head Of Units and Departments, including those of the Special Advisers on Revenue and Legislative matters.

The Chairman in his wisdom,has also constructed two blocks of office for officers whose portfolio is directly related to the functions of his office.

By far more important among the renovated blocks of offices is that of the legislative arm.

The chairman been an ex legislator and harboring the conviction that business of making legislation’s among other oversight functions could only thrive under a conducive atmosphere, went all the way to renovate, equipped and brought total revolution to the legislative arm in order to drive them in the business of law making.

In order to give visitors to the LCDA a sense of purpose, a modern Convenience is been constructed within the confines of the LCDA.

In all the transforming of the secretariat is one in which kudos and accolades have been pouring in for the Executive Chairman Hon.Jide Jmoh from all quarters.

It is hope that,that if the current tempo of performance is maintained,the positive impacts of the wholesome transformation will not be limited to the secretariat, other areas within Yaba will also witness a change for the better with the collaboration of the residents.

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